I Belong to the Bakery

I remember hearing Shonda Pierce say that everyone was going back to the gym and belonging to the gym and she said “I belong to the bakery.”

I have taught fitness classes since 2009.  WOW!  Fitness is a part of my life and I love it.  I’ve taught Turbokick Live for most of those years and since November I haven’t taught anything.  With getting married and moving I’ve slacked and it sucks.

God made my body to move and since I grew up as an overweight kid and then got this totally awesome opportunity to change my life I feel, to loose weight, to gain confidence….it seems silly not to tell the whole story…you got time??

When I came on staff at LWF I weighed over 250 pounds.  I couldn’t get health insurance because of my weight and the fact that I’m fun sized (short).  Pastor and Charlene came to me with an opportunity – to work with a personal trainer and loose weight.  It was an opportunity I’d been praying for.  I started the next day and it sucked!!!!!!  It kept sucking for about the next month and then I got to the place where I loved it.  Over the course of a year I lost 80 pounds and started to teach fitness classes.  Fitness instilled in me this great confidence that I had lacked and showed me that I was capable of overcoming with the help of the Holy Spirit.

So fast forward to today…my jeans are too tight and my clothes fit just a little funny.  I’m lacking energy and need to commit to a program.

Beachbody has some amazing programs.  I’ve loved them but have never stayed committed to complete a whole program and see what kind of results I could achieve.  I started Core de Force today (again – don’t judge me MMA Shred is super fun so I’ve just done that one workout and it’s 30 minutes).  I know I need to do the work both in the work outs and with the food.  Help me Jesus!

In the end  – I have some goals

I want to do everything God has called me to do

I want to be a healthy wife, mom, and person – spirit, soul, and body.

I don’t want my weight to hold me back from anything in life like it once did.

I want to be a smokin’ hot wife. (Luke already thinks so but I’d like to be even more smokin’ hot!)

Is it hard?  YEP

Is it worth it? YEP

Here we go…


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