A Million push ups and Blue Coat

So yesterday was eventful….I have committed to Core de Force  (I think…no, I have!) and it includes Dynamic Strength which isn’t bad until about round 3 when you realize you have to do another set of push ups and then you have to do push ups in EVERY ROUND!  I wanted to turn it off after round 6 because then you just repeat the rounds 1-6 and they make it HARDER!  uh….thanks….but I stuck it out and got it done.  Purple hand and all…oh yeah my hand turned purple because I was helping Luke in the baby pig shed as he was castrating baby pigs and then we spray Blue Coat on them so they don’t get infection.  I got it all over my hand.  I know, I know you’re jealous of either castrating pigs or my purple hand.  Never in my life did I think a Saturday would include castrating baby pigs and push ups with purple hands.

I LOVE IT!  I’m thankful because even though it’s entirely different than what I ever imagined I get to experience it and that is awesome.  God has to be laughing when he put me on a farm but He has a plan.

Luke is always so kind about me helping.  I just give him the blank stare and he lets me watch until I’m comfortable.  HE doesn’t just throw me in a pile of…well you know what…and tell me sink or swim.

So two things I learned yesterday

  1. push ups still suck but are effective.  I’m sore today and thankful I can move my body and gain strength.
  2. Blue Coat doesn’t come off with just soap and water.  It’s less purpley but still purple none the less.  Squirmy little pigs.

I oversee nursery through fifth grade at my church in Knoxville.  Luke and I minister to 1st – 5th graders on Sunday mornings and we love them!  I’m thankful God isn’t a respecter of persons and His promises are for the young and the old.  He’s a good God.  We talked about the key to victory – our faith!  1 John 5:4 and how we get faith – by hearing God’s Word.  I love these kids.  I learn more from them and their families than they learn from me.  I’m so blessed to do what I love – teach God’s Word.

I think I have to do MMA Shred again tonight.  My torso is so sore, but I can do it.  #helpmeJesus #beachbodyondemand #commit


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