Confessions of an online dater


Online dating affords the opportunity to meet many people, if you’re willing.  I spent 4 years on online dating websites and know the up’s and down’s and the emotional roller coaster it can be.  I learned many things.  Can I can share with you today that if he/she isn’t calling, texting, or has disappeared to please let them go?

I know it’s hard and you don’t understand why they are treating you this way but this roadblock – it’s for your benefit and God is protecting you and has something different, better for you!  Hold fast to the truth that you are enough, that God has good things in store for you, and that you are an incredible human being who should be treated with respect and dignity.  You are loved and you didn’t do anything wrong that they aren’t calling, texting, or communicating.

So cry, pick yourself up and go be awesome!  Let them go so you can walk into what God has for you – no matter how long it takes.






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