Working out and the work within

Working out its fun…most of the time.  I’ve done Insanity and Core de Force this week.  I love Zumba and turbokick live and kettlebells and tabatas….not running though. I’ve always had this love/hat relationship with running.  Something about your heart feeling like it’s going to beat out of your chest and you can’t breath and your legs are on fire…it’s so good when it’s finished…not so good when you have to restart and get back into it.

Core de Force is super fun.  I did Shred today.  I felt like a bad mama jamma.  I always feel better when I work out.  I love feeling strong and powerful and working out does that.  IT must be the happy hormones my body releases when I work out.  We all like happy hormones.

I think the thing I love about working out the most is that it works within you too.  It’s challenging and you have to say nice things to yourself every time it gets hard.  What we say to ourselves is powerful.  God knows that…that’s why He wants us to think the Word, say the Word, and do the Word.

I remember my first few months at the gym…I would want to throw up in the parking lot just walking in.  I would say “No Kate….God hasn’t given you a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind.  No get in there and leave it in there.  Just do your best.” and I would get out of the car and go inside.

God is smart.  He knows we need to think better to be better.  He knows we need to think in the direction we want to go.  He wants us to move in His direction but it’s our choice.

You can conquer a million squats or KB swings and yet still your mind can be crap – a garbage dump of negative and critical thoughts.

Choose to think and say nice things about yourself.  It’s called love.  Love yourself enough to say and think nice things about yourself. It’s important.


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