Working out and the work within

Working out its fun…most of the time.  I’ve done Insanity and Core de Force this week.  I love Zumba and turbokick live and kettlebells and tabatas….not running though. I’ve always had this love/hat relationship with running.  Something about your heart feeling like it’s going to beat out of your chest and you can’t breath and your legs are on fire…it’s so good when it’s finished…not so good when you have to restart and get back into it.

Core de Force is super fun.  I did Shred today.  I felt like a bad mama jamma.  I always feel better when I work out.  I love feeling strong and powerful and working out does that.  IT must be the happy hormones my body releases when I work out.  We all like happy hormones.

I think the thing I love about working out the most is that it works within you too.  It’s challenging and you have to say nice things to yourself every time it gets hard.  What we say to ourselves is powerful.  God knows that…that’s why He wants us to think the Word, say the Word, and do the Word.

I remember my first few months at the gym…I would want to throw up in the parking lot just walking in.  I would say “No Kate….God hasn’t given you a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind.  No get in there and leave it in there.  Just do your best.” and I would get out of the car and go inside.

God is smart.  He knows we need to think better to be better.  He knows we need to think in the direction we want to go.  He wants us to move in His direction but it’s our choice.

You can conquer a million squats or KB swings and yet still your mind can be crap – a garbage dump of negative and critical thoughts.

Choose to think and say nice things about yourself.  It’s called love.  Love yourself enough to say and think nice things about yourself. It’s important.


Confessions of an online dater


Online dating affords the opportunity to meet many people, if you’re willing.  I spent 4 years on online dating websites and know the up’s and down’s and the emotional roller coaster it can be.  I learned many things.  Can I can share with you today that if he/she isn’t calling, texting, or has disappeared to please let them go?

I know it’s hard and you don’t understand why they are treating you this way but this roadblock – it’s for your benefit and God is protecting you and has something different, better for you!  Hold fast to the truth that you are enough, that God has good things in store for you, and that you are an incredible human being who should be treated with respect and dignity.  You are loved and you didn’t do anything wrong that they aren’t calling, texting, or communicating.

So cry, pick yourself up and go be awesome!  Let them go so you can walk into what God has for you – no matter how long it takes.





A Million push ups and Blue Coat

So yesterday was eventful….I have committed to Core de Force  (I think…no, I have!) and it includes Dynamic Strength which isn’t bad until about round 3 when you realize you have to do another set of push ups and then you have to do push ups in EVERY ROUND!  I wanted to turn it off after round 6 because then you just repeat the rounds 1-6 and they make it HARDER!  uh….thanks….but I stuck it out and got it done.  Purple hand and all…oh yeah my hand turned purple because I was helping Luke in the baby pig shed as he was castrating baby pigs and then we spray Blue Coat on them so they don’t get infection.  I got it all over my hand.  I know, I know you’re jealous of either castrating pigs or my purple hand.  Never in my life did I think a Saturday would include castrating baby pigs and push ups with purple hands.

I LOVE IT!  I’m thankful because even though it’s entirely different than what I ever imagined I get to experience it and that is awesome.  God has to be laughing when he put me on a farm but He has a plan.

Luke is always so kind about me helping.  I just give him the blank stare and he lets me watch until I’m comfortable.  HE doesn’t just throw me in a pile of…well you know what…and tell me sink or swim.

So two things I learned yesterday

  1. push ups still suck but are effective.  I’m sore today and thankful I can move my body and gain strength.
  2. Blue Coat doesn’t come off with just soap and water.  It’s less purpley but still purple none the less.  Squirmy little pigs.

I oversee nursery through fifth grade at my church in Knoxville.  Luke and I minister to 1st – 5th graders on Sunday mornings and we love them!  I’m thankful God isn’t a respecter of persons and His promises are for the young and the old.  He’s a good God.  We talked about the key to victory – our faith!  1 John 5:4 and how we get faith – by hearing God’s Word.  I love these kids.  I learn more from them and their families than they learn from me.  I’m so blessed to do what I love – teach God’s Word.

I think I have to do MMA Shred again tonight.  My torso is so sore, but I can do it.  #helpmeJesus #beachbodyondemand #commit

I Belong to the Bakery

I remember hearing Shonda Pierce say that everyone was going back to the gym and belonging to the gym and she said “I belong to the bakery.”

I have taught fitness classes since 2009.  WOW!  Fitness is a part of my life and I love it.  I’ve taught Turbokick Live for most of those years and since November I haven’t taught anything.  With getting married and moving I’ve slacked and it sucks.

God made my body to move and since I grew up as an overweight kid and then got this totally awesome opportunity to change my life I feel, to loose weight, to gain confidence….it seems silly not to tell the whole story…you got time??

When I came on staff at LWF I weighed over 250 pounds.  I couldn’t get health insurance because of my weight and the fact that I’m fun sized (short).  Pastor and Charlene came to me with an opportunity – to work with a personal trainer and loose weight.  It was an opportunity I’d been praying for.  I started the next day and it sucked!!!!!!  It kept sucking for about the next month and then I got to the place where I loved it.  Over the course of a year I lost 80 pounds and started to teach fitness classes.  Fitness instilled in me this great confidence that I had lacked and showed me that I was capable of overcoming with the help of the Holy Spirit.

So fast forward to today…my jeans are too tight and my clothes fit just a little funny.  I’m lacking energy and need to commit to a program.

Beachbody has some amazing programs.  I’ve loved them but have never stayed committed to complete a whole program and see what kind of results I could achieve.  I started Core de Force today (again – don’t judge me MMA Shred is super fun so I’ve just done that one workout and it’s 30 minutes).  I know I need to do the work both in the work outs and with the food.  Help me Jesus!

In the end  – I have some goals

I want to do everything God has called me to do

I want to be a healthy wife, mom, and person – spirit, soul, and body.

I don’t want my weight to hold me back from anything in life like it once did.

I want to be a smokin’ hot wife. (Luke already thinks so but I’d like to be even more smokin’ hot!)

Is it hard?  YEP

Is it worth it? YEP

Here we go…

On the verge…

I am expectant.

I can’t explain it.  But I’m hopeful for this new year.

With the close of 2016 my heart is full and I’m filled with gratitude.

Elevation Worship has a song that goes “No matter what I feel, no matter what I see, my hope will always be, in Your promises to me.”  Never has that rang more true in my heart.

I’m just a Jesus lovin’ woman who trusts in Him and does my best to obey Him.  He takes care of me – and I see His faithfulness, His goodness in so many ways.

When 2016 started I was hopeless but I believing.  That’s the key in so many things to believe, to trust, to obey.  Simple acts of ordinary obedience allow God to do extraordinary miracles.

Preaching and Pig Farming

I started this blog to remember…remember the lessons, the mistakes, the people, the stories, the victories, and mostly God’s faithfulness.  He is GOOD – all the time – even when I don’t get it, when I don’t like the outcome, or when I want something different – He is good and wants the BEST for me and for you.  His heart is so for you.

2016 was quite the year.

I started out 2016 very discouraged as I had gotten out of a relationship and I was boycotting dating and relating, and just really felt like “What in the world am I doing?”  As the year progressed, I saw God’s goodness and faithfulness in so many ways.  I’m so glad a snap isn’t the whole story. (steven furtick)

I had a great desire to get married for 10 years.  I wanted to share my life with someone and so through the course of 8 years I was off and on dating websites meeting men and learning a lot – about men, life, and myself.  (More on this later)

10 years….it seems like a LONG time but in those ten years I saw God’s hand and heart for me in so many ways.  Dating, relating, screwing up, victories, through it all I’m thankful.

I  met Luke in June.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to meet him or anyone.  I was emotionally drained from some dates and dudes.  Online dating had been a roller coaster and I was done; I didn’t want to try again.

I switched from Christianmingle to Match at the recommendation (prodding) of a friend (thanks Amber!) and it took me two weeks to take the plunge and become a subscriber. Luke messaged me the first day I had set up the account but I didn’t respond because I couldn’t respond until I subscribed.  Finally I paid for it and got Luke’s message.

We started talking on June 2nd and met on June 15th at Smokey Row.  At first I thought him to be a cool guy and that we’d be great friends.  We snap chatted and text a lot in the two weeks before we met.  I knew I wanted to meet him in person when I got a text in the middle of the day that said “I pray for you and I pray about you.”


Well I was intrigued.  We Facetimed on June 14 and were supposed to meet on that Friday for supper but I told him I wanted to meet him the next day.  He was up for it and we met up after Wednesday night church service.  I was an hour late.  He was handsome and kind…and the rest they say is history.

(more to come)